Harrison's Legacy

While growing up, every kid has grand ideas about how they are going to leave their mark on the planet, and Harrison Parks was no different. He wanted to make the world a better place. Harrison was set on joining the military and he had a drive to succeed that was rivaled only by his care for others. While Harrison’s story sounds similar to most teenagers’ world changing missions, there was one thing that set him apart. Harrison was not afraid to take chances to achieve his goals. When a friend expressed to Harrison that she was considering to end her life, he knew he needed to do something and convinced her that her life was worth living. He talked with her throughout the night to ensure that she did not harm herself. Harrison had the courage to take a chance and help save someone’s life. That bravery to take the chances is what set Harrison apart from his peers.

Many of us have the chance at some point in our life to make a difference, but do we all take advantage of it? At Harrison Hugs, we believe that everyone should be provided with that opportunity. We fight SCA not just because it took Harrison’s life, but also because it takes the chance to make a difference away from its victims. It is our goal to provide the ability for teens to continue living their lives, grow up, and make the difference that they dreamed of when they were younger. We need your help to accomplish this goal. So take a chance, and help us save lives.