About Harrison Parks

Harrison Parks, died in his sleep on March 30, 2014 from a Sudden Cardiac Death. He is eternally 16. Harrison was a junior at Royal High School in Simi Valley, taking college preparatory, advanced placement, and honors courses. Harrison was driven at school and planned to take Spanish in the summer so he could take a full schedule, and ensure he had enough time for cross country and track his senior year. Despite his busy schedule, he was successful at school and had good grades.

Above this, Harrison was an amazing son and brother, spreading happiness when he helped out in the family. Shannon, his older brother, was his best friend and they would spend a lot of time together. Harrison helped out in and took the role of big brother seriously: playfully teased his sisters when needed, cared for them tenderly at other times. Harrison loved being an uncle to his niece, Petunia. Harrison's love was evident, as teenager who had no problem changing a diaper and babysitting his baby niece. Harrison also helped care for his ailing great-grandfather when his Alzheimer's became worse. Kathie, his mother, also has a few health issues, and at times, was stuck sick in bed. Harrison would care for her, check in on her before going to sleep, and do silly things to make her laugh, brightening both of their moods. He had an attention to detail and would be sure to keep in mind the little things, making sure his mother knew he was there and loved her. Harrison's willingness to help and care were some of his best qualities. 

Harrison and Shannon, along with their other close friends Joey and Mark, enjoyed life to the fullest together, always having fun and always there for each other. Harrison will be missed greatly by all.

November 13, 1997 – March 30, 2014